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Mosquito Magnum Hotend

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The greatest hotend ever created!

So what exactly do you get when you purchase the Mosquito Magnum hotend from Slice Engneering?

Engineering feats unmatched in the industry. If Koenigsegg or Buggatti was in the 3d printing business, this would be their go to hotend. Built proudly in the USA this masterpiece combines the greatest components available with a minimalist design touch that seems so simple at first glance but in reality radiates performance and perfection.

Mosquito Magnum is capable of printing 20% faster than any hotend in the industry while still maintaining precision. It uses a standard m6 threading so you can use any m6 nozzle including e3d v6 nozzles. Swapping nozzles has never been easier with a one handed operation of simply unthreading the nozzle. No more wrench around the heat block! Adaptable to virtually any printer by swapping this one componen. No need for a new thermistor, heater cartridge, or firmware upgrade!

This hotend is simply the best.

Order yours today!

leadtime: 1 week


  • Superior heat break performance

    • The heat break conducts 85% less heat into the heat sink than a typical threaded heat break

    • Steep temperature gradient at the heat break, and high tolerances along the filament path allow for better transmission of fine motor movements, resulting in beautiful, higher resolution prints

    • Steep temperature gradient at the heat break reduces the likelihood of jamming

    • Reduced heat transmission removes the need for a large heat sink

    • Composite construction of the heat break allows for the use of materials optimized for heat transfer in each section of the heat break

    • Allows for hotend to be mounted with a printed, plastic adapter, without raising safety concerns

  • Increased structural rigidity

    • The heat break has been separated from the structural components of the hotend, allowing for a heat break that is not load bearing, and can be very thin walled. This allows for a reliable, rigid exterior structure

    • No components are prone to loosening at the mounting points

    • Nozzles can be changed with one hand, without grasping the hot block

    • In the case of a severe crash, an entirely new hotend is not necessary, parts can be easily swapped out

  • Larger temperature operating range

    • Specially-engineered high temperature copper alloy in the hot block will not soften at high temperatures in excess of 550C.

    • Threads in the hot block will not deform at high temps, allowing removal of nozzles even after multiple high temp heat cycles

    • Nickel plating on the hot block reduces radiative heat loss and prevents galling of threads

  • Modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer

    • Compact, flat, ambidextrous form factor

    • 5 different hole mounting patterns to allow for adaptation to virtually any printer

    • Printable adapters can be created to diversify mounting options

  • Ideal for multiple extrusion systems

    • Small form factor and light mass allows for back-to-back mounting with small nozzle-nozzle distance

  • Lightweight

    • Small mass allows for more rapid motion

    • Less reinforcement needed for the motors, belts, and drives in the motion system

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