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The UP mini 2 Desktop 3D printer is the perfect choice for users at all 3D printing experience levels looking for a budget-friendly solution that's ready to print out of the box. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned user, hobbyist, designer, engineer, or are just looking to dabble in the world of 3D printing, the UP mini 2 is right for you. The UP mini 2 features an enclosed, all-metal frame and prints with 1.75mm ABS or PLA plastic filaments at vertical layer resolutions from 150 to 350 microns. The included printer management software runs on Windows or Mac OS X systems, where users can download STL files exported from most 3D CAD applications, prepare the file for printing with a variety of options, and finally upload it to the 3D printer via USB cable (provided) and begin printing. The enclosure safeguards the printer and printing model from environmental fluctuations caused by drafts and ambient temperature changes, which can adversely affect the quality of a print. The enclosure also reduces the 3D printer's operational noise level for a quieter desktop printing experience. The build platform heats to 51.4° C to help provide thermal stability. A perforated cell board is held to the platform by full-side mounting channels for a secure fabrication base. Solid metal guide rails and precision slide bearings help ensure precise movement.

All printers come with a one year warranty that is fulfilled in the lab in Petach Tikva.

There are additional options available for warranty service at your location as well as delivery, setup and training at your location.

Expected delivery time is 1 week.

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