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With a Large Build Volume. UP BOX provides a build volume of 255x205x205mm (W x H x D) for extra large print jobs. Its large print platform enables small batch 3D printing productions to be carried out with unprecedented efficiency

Complete With Fully Automated Platform Calibration. A motorized probe is integrated for true automatic platform leveling and nozzle height detection. No human intervention is required during printer calibration, providing a seamless 3D printing experience.

Faster Printing with Higher Precision. At the same print quality, UP BOX prints 30% faster than UP Plus 2. Moreover it prints at a 100 micron layer height which gives the best resolution in the UP series

Enclosed Printing Environment with New ABS Print Surface. The enclosed build chamber maximizes temperature stability, combined with a novel ABS print surface to enhance adhesion. The result is minimum warping when printing large objects

Quiet Operation and Air Filtration. UP BOX produces very little noise. With a built-in air filter that absorbs fumes and minimizes odor, you will feel comfortable working with it in the same room, on the same desk.

All printers come with a one year warranty that is fulfilled in the lab in Petach Tikva.

There are additional options available for warranty service at your location as well as delivery, setup and training at your location.

Expected delivery time is 1 week.

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