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Ultimaker 3d Printers

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Accurate, consistent results - tailored to your business. Highly complex 3D prints, industrial-grade materials, maximum performance, and future-ready 3D printing experience. With ultimate accessibility. Ultimaker is recognized internationally as one of the best printer manufacturers in the world.

Ultimaker 3 family

Engineered for efficiency, reliability and precision, the Ultimaker 3 features dual extrusion with water-soluble support, advanced connectivity, and an open filament system.

Ultimaker 2+ family

Known as a virtually indistructible workhorse and thanks to its support of a wide range of materials, it’s suitable for a huge variety of applications, from prototypes to customized tools.

All printers come with a one year warranty that is fulfilled in the lab in Petach Tikva.

There are additional options available for warranty service at your location as well as delivery, setup and training at your location.

All Ultimaker Filaments are 2.85mm and are available in a variety of colors. Call 0525521961 or email ravmeimad@gmail.com to Check availability of specific colors

Delivery time is usually 1 week

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