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Trilab DeltiQ

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Boasting some of the most beautiful prints in the FDM world, the Trilab DeltiQ is a true engineering masterpiece. No expense was spared to produce this professional grade 3D printer. Original e3d parts, linear rails and trinamic drivers are just a few of the ingredients that make up this wonderful machine. The bed is make from 5mm milled aluminum, anodized to a black finish and laser cut with trilab graphics and covered with a pei sheet. Not only does it look great but it prints even better.

Of all the printers currently on the market users have unanimously agreed that they have yet to see a printer produce nicer looking parts. From a technical standpoint delta printers should print faster and better than cartesian machines. Most delta machines fail to live up to that expectation because of a combination of cheap parts and bad engineering. Trilab was developed specifically to reach the potential that deltas must reach. And Trilab exceeded those expectations with their unbelievably beautiful, reliable, and superbly accurate DeltiQ line of printer.

Each printer is handmade in the Czech Republic and goes through 2 days of rigorous testing to ensure quality prints everytime.

Upgrade Options:

Each DeltiQ printer has two available options that are fitted and calibrated at the factory.

  1. E3D Volacano hotend: This allows for high volume output. Print Bigger and faster for the same remarkable accuracy and beautiful prints in a fraction of the time.

  2. Zesty manufacturing Nimble extruder: In addition to the standard E3D Titan which is great for any hard thermoplastic. This upgrade includes a second motor and the Zesty Nimble that can be hotswapped in under 30 seconds. just two screws and you have a new extruder. no need to change firmware only change the extruder from T0 to T1 and you’re ready to go. Works amazingly well with flexible material. Known for having the absolute best quality flexible prints, this additional upgrade really is remarkable as it turns a Delta printer into a direct drive system without adding any weight. A first of it’s kind and the results speak for themselves.

Comes with a 1 year warranty

Lead time is 4-6 weeks

Order yours today and be the proud owner one of the best 3D printers available today!

DeltiQ size:
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Additional Info


.4mm E3d Nozzle

Nozzle can reach up to 300 degrees celsius

Hardened linear rails

Industrial stepper motors and dampeners

LCD display and SD car reader

24V system with 240v adaptor

Sensors and advanced detection system

filament run out sensor

Print crash detection

Power failure sensor

Autocalibration module